It’s time to go BACK! We present the BackBit line of products designed for your favorite vintage computers, including Commodore 64/128/VIC 20!
You’ll surely enjoy them because they’re…

Ridiculously Simple.
Just plug and play! No extra cords, multiple buttons or confusing menus. Navigate your titles with the cursor keys or either joystick. Press the BackButton™ to return to the menu anytime!
Tremendously Versatile.
Optional accessories like the GenAssister™ joystick adapter enhance your nostalgic experience. Cartridge firmware is in active development, becoming more powerful all the time!
Sleek and Sophisticated.
Products available in 3D-printed cases, now in black or red for most products. Made with sturdy ABS, they’re a treat to the eyes and placed where fashion meets function.

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About BackBit
BackBit was founded by Evie Salomon.
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BackBit is an enthusiast retro computing outfit that creates exciting products to make your vintage computer systems more fun, reliable, and easy to use! For our full product line, be sure to check out the BackBit Store.